[ a special joint anniversary post]

Sam Mejia…

  • is happy, calm and positive - from all the struggles that i’m going through Joint never fails to make me feel better. They are the first ones I go to when I have problems whether it’s light or heavy. They are the ones who catch me when I fall and brings me up in order to achieve my goals. They give me great and helpful advice that I myself treasure and keep in mind.
  • can achieve and feels confident - even though we’re in different rooms, i feel each and every one’s support and that is something Joint showcase. No matter how far we are, the true spirit of friendship is still within us. By just thinking of them you know that there are people who cares and supports you. Sometimes when you win something, they are the ones who is even happier than you; looking at each other’s efforts, what more can you ask for? They give me strength in order for me to continue what I do best.
  • can focus - they serve as my inspiration. some may be inspired by celebrities or crushes or even a certain non-living thing but me Joint is my inspiration. I can focus when joint is with me whether in spirit or in person. 

HAPPY 1ST ANNIVERSARY GUYS. I love you so much

*sorry for the face.